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Friday, October 1st, 2010



This is so important for so many reasons. This Danzig caught-in-the-act pic shows two important things:

1) He wears Danzig shirts

2) He owns a cat

Danzig is just like me.

Click the image for the full-size.

(And if you want some actual Danzig news, the 40-minute long DVD Danzig directed for Gorgeous Frankenstein (featuring 8 live tracks) came out this week. Buy it.)

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New SCARS Now Available – Buy A Print Copy, Support The Cause!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Danzig Issue - Volume 3, Issue 3This spankin’ new issue is lovingly referred to as our Danzig Issue. For our cover story, we’ve scrapped our interview/review format for a look at what’s made Danzig such a controversial, but enduring, figure in both metal and culture. (Including our top three favorite, unexpected Danzig references in pop culture.) We’ve also got the article SCARS Ray was afraid to run – “Zombies are for douchebags” – arguing that zombies, not vampires, just may be the douchiest subgenre we currently have. Plus a huge retrospective on the career of wrestler/grindhouse filmmaker Fred Olen Ray, with exclusive pics and interviews. Reviews, upcoming attractions, and the ladies of STUCK! (including the iconic Mink Stole, Karen Black, and Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s) round this issue out.

So after you read the free issue, show some love and snag yourself a print copy!

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Danzig Appears on Fox News – Talks Tour, New Album, Misfits Tees, and Obama

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

DanzigWhen I heard Danzig would be doing an appearance on Fox News’ show Red Eye tonight, I actually thought I was being messed with. But the segment just ended. And it’s true. Glenn Danzig was just on Fox News Channel in 2010. The segment started out with some clips from Danzig’s new video, and then we got to see Glenn himself – who did the interview from behind a pair of black shades. Host Greg Gutfield started out by complimenting Glenn on how great he looked. Glenn shrugged off the compliment, saying he wasn’t obsessed with the gym, he just works out when he can. He talked a little about his diet – that he hasn’t had pork in 30 years, etc. etc. Don’t worry – it gets better. Glenn had some things to say about Misfits t-shirts, an expanded tour and… the Obama administration. (more…)

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Melissa Auf Der Maur Duets With Danzig, Her Evilest Dreams Come True

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Melissa Auf Der MaurMelissa Auf Der Maur tamed the demon within Glenn Danzig long enough to get him to duet with her on her new ablum, Out Of Our Minds, released on March 30. The song, “Father’s Grave,” is posted after the jump and is every bit what you’d expect. In an interview with Noisecreep, MadM let her inner fangirl out full force when discussing recording the track back in 2008: “My lucky sweatband that I wore throughout most of Hole was a Danzig patch sweatband, and I used to live in Los Angeles not too far from Danzig’s home and drive by in my 1967 Cougar and would whisper [adopts girlie pleading voice], ‘Please be my friend,’” she chuckles. “I wanted so bad to have Danzig in my life.” She also praises the honor of being the only artist to get a duet with Danzig in his entire career. Check out the results. (more…)

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Did Disney Rip Off Danzig?

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Dr. Facilier in "Princess and the Frog"

Dr. Facilier in "Princess and the Frog"

The Aquarian posted a great interview with Danzig last week. There’s a ton of new info for fans throughout the whole thing, but the part that probably stuck out the most was the suspicion from Danzig’s camp that Disney may have stolen some intellectual property.

“We have a thing with Disney; I think they stole one of my characters. Ge Rouge’s character, they put him in The Princess And The Frog. Someone told me about it and then I saw the commercials and then I saw a couple of posters on a bus, so we’re looking into it right now.” (more…)

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Eerie Von Releases Misfits, Danzig Photography

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Misery Obscura by Eerie VonThe bassist of Danzig and Samhain, the original and unofficial photographer for the Misfits – Eerie Von has seen a lot. Lucky for us, he has the photos to back up his journeys through the annals of punk and metal, and they’ve now been published in Eerie’s new book Misery Obscura, released yesterday through Dark Horse. His photos span from 1981-2006, and are supplemented with plenty of road warrior stories. With so much speculation on a band like the Misfits – thinking of what they are today, compared to the good ol’ days – Misery Obscura is pretty much the perfect visual supplement to document what made the Misfits legendary. (more…)

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Blitzkid Tour And News

Friday, October 9th, 2009

New England scored a coup when Blitzkid decided to bring their perfected brand of horror-rock from a rooted base in Virginia, to a new settlement in Massachusetts. Goolsby (bass/vocals) and TB Monstrosity (guitar/vocals) may be on the search for a new drummer, and recording with other bands, but they’re bringing things home this winter with a tour and new songs to debut. Steampunk Media has announced the first date and it’s right here in Providence, November 13, 2009 at Club Gallery. Check the rest of the dates! (more…)

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