Snowed In? Horror Listings for Redbox and Netflix

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - On Netflix InstantIf you’re like me, you have a DVD collection that sits around collecting dust (I literally have killed spiders the last two times I’ve unzipped my DVD binders), ┬ábecause you’re too busy streaming movies or Redboxing to be bothered with what you already own. If you’re also like me, you’re in a region that’s in the process of — or soon will be — getting snow dumped on it. Avoid cabin fever by hitting the Redbox before you get home today or getting your Netflix queue ready with some of these titles.

Horror Movies at Redbox

(click each title for Redbox location, synopsis)

Not Horror, But You Might Still Want To Redbox It

New Horror on Netflix Instant

(click title for synopsis, to add to queue)

Tried and True Horror Favorites on Netflix Instant

What did I miss? What’re you watching on Netflix?

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