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Danzig Issue - Volume 3, Issue 3This spankin’ new issue is lovingly referred to as our Danzig Issue. For our cover story, we’ve scrapped our interview/review format for a look at what’s made Danzig such a controversial, but enduring, figure in both metal and culture. (Including our top three favorite, unexpected Danzig references in pop culture.) We’ve also got the article SCARS Ray was afraid to run – “Zombies are for douchebags” – arguing that zombies, not vampires, just may be the douchiest subgenre we currently have. Plus a huge retrospective on the career of wrestler/grindhouse filmmaker Fred Olen Ray, with exclusive pics and interviews. Reviews, upcoming attractions, and the ladies of STUCK! (including the iconic Mink Stole, Karen Black, and Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s) round this issue out.

So after you read the free issue, show some love and snag yourself a print copy!

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